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SCM Limited - The Challenges of finding the right candidate and right team for a product and service or specialty arrears e.g. Nurses Support/care workers can be complex, New Challenges require new and up-to-date solutions, We are here to play our part. SCM Limited is here to help whenever you have a need for staff, especially in Live-in care/support workers or those Living with a disability, Just reach out to us. 

About SCM Limited


SCM Limited is a recruitment company committed to retaining staff in health and social care and providing leave in care, support work, and Leaving disability care. "Private care, leave in care, Physical Disability Care, Agency Care.  

Your loved one can keep up with hobbies and interests such as attending events or local clubs. In addition, it allows people to arrange their social life on their own terms.

They can continue to visit their regular clubs, events, or places of worship. They can continue to see friends and family as they please and there’s no reason their social life should change for anything other than the better.

Live-in carers provide the support required to facilitate and enable people to continue to do the things they love.

Not only does live-in care help maintain friendships, but it can also help build friendships and offer companionship for those who may otherwise be lonely. Many find that they build meaningful relationships with their private live-in carer, and are appreciative of having constant care and company in their home.

As well as being beneficial for those with various complex conditions, it’s an ideal choice for couples who wish to stay together. found that elderly people are 2.1 times more likely to experience loneliness if they live alone. Live-in care allows couples to stay together in their home for longer. Where a substitute carer steps in for a limited amount of time. It allows primary caregivers to take time for themselves and their well-being while helping to ensure minimal disruption in routine. Ensure your loved one is safe, comfortable, and secure overnight. A carer will be on hand to support them with any incontinence or challenging behavior. we understand it can be difficult to let someone you don’t know into your home, which is why we vet every care professional we work with to the highest standards. Not only do they all have a minimum of one year working as professional carers, but they’re people who genuinely love what they do.

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