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Comprehensive Solutions SCM Limited

“At SCM Limited we aim to get the right people into the right job the first time with maximum choice and the minimum of fuss. By using the power of the internet we and our Expertise both in and out of Africa are able to fill global skills shortages”.

Formed by a group of experienced recruitment consultants, SCM Limited is an International Recruitment Agency based in Oxford It's United Kingdom as its HQ, and in Nairobi Kenya for its Recruiting activities in Africa. Our experienced team of recruiters and Business Investment Is about to prove a track record in being able to fill any gap in the Labor Market and Investment between the United Kingdom and Africa. Skills Provision uses cutting-edge technology to communicate and engage with employers and job seekers around the world. We pride ourselves in not being imposing, however, our team of specialists is always on hand to give assistance and guidance where necessary.

  • We often pioneer with clients to bring the required solutions.

  • We utilize the latest recruitment techniques.


Many recruitment errors are made in the setup process; we avoid these by personally getting to know employers.

Our manpower recruitment services are driven by our clients. They naturally follow the skills shortages found around the globe. Generally covering the following areas:

We pride ourselves on effectively handling placements in all industrial sectors from Accountants to Welders.

For our manpower recruitment services to be effective we require a detailed job description, a copy of the employment contract, and a list of any extra benefits or conditions the candidate will be expected to operate under.

By placing your recruitment needs in the hands of Skills Provision you will not be disappointed

Industries We Serve
  • Hospitality

  • Food & Bever Managers 

  • Tourism

  • Travelling

  • Airline Crew

  • Cruse Ships

  • Entertainment 

  • Social Care & Nurse 

  • Chemical Engineering 

  • Laboratory Medical  

  • Seville Engineering 

  • Warehouse & Logistics 

  • Food Production / Chefs 

  • Beautician  

  • Skincare

  • Makeup Artists 

  • Shampooing & Conditioning

  • Hair Dressing & Designing

  • Eyebrow Tinting & Neil Polish

  • Chemical Research  

  • Pharmacist 

  • Physio & Occupation Therapist 

  • Mechanical Engineering 

  • Store Keeping & Stock Central 

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